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Mom's 4-Hour Flight with Her 5-Month-Old Serves As an Important Reminder

We really need to be kinder to babies on planes.

Even under the best of circumstances, flying can be a stressful experience. Now, add a baby to the mix, and it's overwhelming in a way that's hard to explain to someone who's never done it themselves. People might feel inconvenienced sitting near a screaming baby on their flight, but just imagine how Mom feels! 

But when it goes right, and Mom and baby both arrive at their destination in one piece, it feels like the biggest victory ever. One mom on TikTok, @connietudor, shared what happened when she took her 5-month-old baby on a four hour flight, proving all of her naysayers wrong in the process. 

The way this flight went is basically a parents' dream. Baby slept for the first part of the flight, and then woke up after takeoff to walk around the plane with her dad. Then, she checked out the view outside her window before nodding off for another two hour nap, finishing off her flight with a little playtime. 

Before she knew it, she was officially in vacation mode, hanging out in the pool in a baby-sized float. That's the dream life! 

Those who have traveled with kids before know that it doesn't always go this smoothly, so of course fellow parents were cheering this mama on in the comments. Others, though, took the opportunity to lament that traveling with a toddler usually isn't quite this pleasant.

"Infants are easy, the real monsters are toddlers," one person wrote.

Another joked, "It's the adults that cause tantrums, not the babies." 

Hey, they're not totally wrong. 

We hope the plane ride back home went just as smoothly for this family. Way to go, Mom!