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Video of 3-Year-Old 'Living the Dream' in the Mediterranean Has Us Green With Envy

Going on a vacation as a kid is one of those moments you never forget. Just to be with away from home without any worries or responsibilities is the kind of relaxation all adults are envious of. When we are kids, we honestly just don't know how good we have it!

In a recent video that was shared on TikTok by @maddiecastellano, one mom shows her child full of bliss swimming in the Mediterranean Sea without a care in the world. With over 3.6 million views, the video is going viral, and it's easy to see why! Get a load of this carefree kid.

Geez! Who else wants to trade places with that kid? Floating the day away in the Mediterranean Sea without worrying about a thing sounds pretty darn perfect right about now, doesn't it? People who watched the video and commented are cracking us up. One TikTok user, @jzae98, said, "This reminded of how much I used to actually like being alive 😂🥺," Warm weather and no responsibilities will do that to ya! Another comment by user @yeddahlife took the words right out of our mouths, saying, "I wish I could keep that exact feeling in a bottle to come back to it each time I need it". True peace in a bottle.

Look at that crystal blue water! We NEED to see more of this trip. Luckily, the creator of this video documented her whole journey of her family in Europe, and we are all loving the content. Check out this clip of them enjoying more fun in the sun.

If you're wondering where, exactly, this picturesque location is, the creator said the lake is loca "Cinque Terre, Montorosso beach." We can't wait to research booking our own trip to this incredible piece of paradise! Now, if only we can find a good Paw Patrol floatie...