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Parents' 1980s-Style 'Beach Tent' Is Enough to Make Anyone LOL

Any time you visit a beach in a popular resort town, you're likely confronted with the sight of dozens of colorful cabanas dotting the sand up and down the beach. Beachgoers rent or buy the often-pricey cabanas to shelter from the sun in style. Thirftier tourists, however, opt for cheaper solutions- even if they're not as stylish.

TikTok user @itsrileyjane recently took a beach day with her parents. Surrounded by trendy CoolCabanas (a popular Australian brand), she hid her face in embarrassment when her parents pulled out a blocky beach tent straight from the 1980s!

LOL! Well, after all, what can you expect? Most parents aren't exactly known for being trendy. If it ain't broke, don't fix it- and despite the tent's dated design, it'll do its job just fine. Still, we can understand Riley's jealousy of the more fashionable beachgoers! Compared to the fun, tropical cabanas, her parents' grey cube tent is very... uh... let's call it "Bauhaus."

Frankly, though, we're on her parents' side with this one. Sure, the cabanas look nicer by a long shot, but how effective are they at offering sun protection? We're here for functionality over form, and one user, @pominqld, pointed out a serious advantange their tent had over their trendier neighbors: "The cabanas look nice, but they have no sides to block the sun out." User @le.hunnibb agreed: "Tents are better, albeit not as “aesthetically pleasing.” Keeps the sun out and also the sand when it’s windy!"

Personally, we'd take a janky-looking tent over sun-damaged skin and sand in our eyes any day. In our opinion, Riley's parents are actually two steps ahead of the game! People praised them for bucking convention and sticking with their tried-and-true setup. "In a world full of CoolCabanas, be an Oztrail Gazebo," applauded @graxceiseww_. 

Save fashion for your swimsuit choices. When you're packing up your sunshade for a beach day, be like Riley's parents, and prioritize comfort over coolness!

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