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Man Surprises 100-Year-Old Veteran With a Day at 'Disneyland' and the Video Melts Our Hearts

The man said it was one of the best days of his life.

Anyone who thinks Disneyland is just for kids is seriously missing out. Sure, a lot of the rides and entertainment are geared towards a younger audience, but there's no rule that grown ups can't have fun, too. And when you combine the magic that exists there with a heavy dose of nostalgia for our childhoods, it's easy to understand why so many adults keep on going back.

If you're still not convinced, though, this video from @isaiahgarza on TikTok might convince you. He asked strangers to join him for a day at Disneyland, and ended up taking a 100-year-old veteran along for the ride, resulting in the most adorable video ever.

Seeing how excited the man was when he learned that he was really going to Disneyland was one thing, but then, seeing him having the time of his life in the park was another. According to the video, this was the first time he'd been on a ride in 50 years, and it's pretty clear that he was living.

These clips are nothing but wholesome joy at its purest. He rode the tea cups, danced in front of the castle, and met characters, and he looked so happy doing it.

"This is one of the best days of my life," he confessed to the camera. "I feel like I might be dreaming or something. I thought my life was over. I will remember this day for a long time." 

Is anyone else crying, or is it just us? We're so glad this man was able to bring his new friend so much joy — there's no doubt it was an unforgettable day for them both.