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Allure of the Seas

Woman Goes on Cruise Vacation With a Total Stranger and People Are Obsessed

Nicole and Troy had never met before booking the cruise together.

hotel room

Woman’s Over-the-Top Hotel Room Cleaning Hacks Are Causing a Major Stir

Some people think this goes a little too far.

airplane cabin

Parents’ Easy Trick for Getting Kids to Sleep on Flights Has the Internet Divided

Some people think this is genius, while others are concerned.

airplane over caribbean

Captain’s Unexpected In-Flight Announcement Has People Scratching Their Heads

People don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

baby on airplane

Baby’s Priceless Reaction to a Bumpy Flight Is All of Us During Turbulence

The look on this child’s face totally says it all.

Central Park

Historic Gate in NYC’s ‘Central Park’ Comes With a Pretty Incredible Secret

People pass it every day without knowing the real story.

Cinderella castle at Disney World

Man’s Epic Reaction to Visiting ‘Disney World’ for the First Time Is Internet Gold

He didn’t hesitate to go all in on the Disney magic.

Hotel room

Simple Air Conditioning Hack Is a Game-Changer for Hotel Stays

Say goodbye to hot, stuffy hotel rooms.

Carnival Cruise

‘Bad Granny’ Rants and Raves About Her Cruise Vacation and People Are Here for It

Apparently she had one too many pina coladas.

hotel room

Man Claims Requesting ‘Room 420’ in Hotels Comes With an Unexpected Surprise

If this is true, it’s pretty darn incredible.

airplane seats

Woman Catches Creepy Airplane Seat Mate Taking Photos of Her in Nightmare Video

The guy didn’t even try to hide what he was doing.

abandoned hotel

Video of Abandoned Hotel With Lobby and Rooms Still in Tact Is So Creepy

The banquet hall is even set up for a reception.

airplane cabin

Cabin Crew Freaks Out After Finding Unexpected 'Stowaway' on Flight in Hilarious Video

The one flight attendant even dropped the f-bomb.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Video of 3 Places With the 'Clearest Water in Florida' Makes Us Want to Pack Our Bags

We'd love to visit all of these spots in the Sunshine State!


Woman Shares Her Superstitious Pre-Flight Ritual and People Can Totally Relate

Apparently, she's not the only person who does this before boarding.

Edinburgh Scotland

Woman Lies to Her Family to Take Secret Dream Vacation and People Have Opinions

Her decision to jet off to Scotland has people divided.

airport security

Man's Totally Embarrassing Encounter With TSA Agent Is As Epic As It Gets

This guy will never live this one down.

airplane cabin

New Viral Video of Typical 'Karen' Being Kicked Off a Flight Is a 'Show for Everyone'

People commenting on the video are having an absolute field day.

hotel room

Secret Trick for Finding Hidden Money in Hotel Rooms Is Going Viral

This might make your next hotel stay a little more interesting.

Disney monorail

Disney World's 'Monorail Bar Crawl' Is the Adult 'Magic' We All Deserve

The pub crawl is a great way to experience all the cocktails Disney has to offer.