25 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

Updated on June 27, 2019
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I'm a San Francisco-based freelance writer and blogger with nearly ten years of writing experience behind me.

If you're tired of doing the same old things at the beach every year, this list will give you some new ideas.
If you're tired of doing the same old things at the beach every year, this list will give you some new ideas.

What Can You Do at the Beach?

It's always summertime somewhere, and for many people that means hitting up the local beach or visiting a beach town while on vacation. If you think that spending time at the beach is limited to just swimming, there's a lot more that you're missing out on! Here are some of the most fun things that you can do at the beach besides just going swimming.

1. Look for Dolphins

Many beaches all over the world offer the chance to see dolphins right from the shore—if you know what you're looking for and when to look. Do a little bit of research to see if your beaches apply and, if so, check the best times to visit. Don't forget your camera!

2. Play on the Boardwalk

A lot of beaches also have accompanying boardwalks where you can play arcade games, ride rollercoasters, eat delicious and unhealthy amusement park food, just walk around, and even enjoy free summer concerts on the sand. Check their respective websites to see what will be featured on the day you'll be there.

3. Play Frisbee

Frisbee is a classic beach game that people never get tired of enjoying together. There's only one prop needed, and it's very easy (and cheap) to get. You can even play with your dogs (if you're on a pet-friendly beach). There are also more advanced versions like Frisbee golf, Ultimate Frisbee, and Aerobie, but the basic version will do just fine.

4. Go Hiking

Many beaches offer nearby trails where you can hike to or from the water. This offers great exercise, and the water is good for cooling down after the hike. On top of that, you get to catch some beautiful views while being immersed in nature.

5. Have a Picnic

There are always a lot of food vendors near popular beaches, but sometimes it's nice to pack yourself a picnic with fancy cheeses and fresh fruits and go indulge at the beach. If you're going with a big group, make it a fun (and delicious) potluck where everyone can contribute an easy dish—a variety of foods makes for a great beach picnic.

Have a nice picnic at the beach with the wonderful water as the backdrop. Just be sure you read each beach's rules and regulations regarding food first.
Have a nice picnic at the beach with the wonderful water as the backdrop. Just be sure you read each beach's rules and regulations regarding food first.

6. Go Fishing

Fishing is one of the most relaxing things that you can do at the beach and something people have been doing for centuries. It's something that you can focus on or just leave in the backdrop—your choice. The best part is, you might catch your dinner!

7. Read Magazines

A beach vacation is supposed to be completely relaxing. Park yourself under a shady umbrella, enjoy the warm breeze, and read some magazines or indulge in a cheap novel. There may never be enough time during your regular schedule to flip through a magazine, so take advantage of the opportunity you have at the beach.

8. Go Window Shopping at the Little Seaside Shops

The majority of beaches are located in beach towns. A lot of these places are quaint and fun to explore—or at least take a stroll through. These towns also typically have a bunch of little stores set up along the beach. Spend some time browsing when you're ready to get out of the sun. Stop and grab a sweet treat too—maybe ice cream or salt water taffy.

9. Go Surfing

Surfing is a great water sport. Get out on the water and have an adventure instead of just being lazy. You can also dedicate an hour or two to take a surf lesson and then lounge for the rest of your time on the beach. You could also try any other kind of water sport, such as kayaking, jet-ski racing, waterskiing, or kitesurfing.

10. Have a Bonfire Party

Bonfires are a ton of fun. Make sure that your specific beach allows for fires, though. Many of them don't. For the ones that do, it's a lot of fun to have a nice fire going on a cool night. You can hold a gathering where friends and family come together to play music, have good conversation, dance, roast marshmallows, and just have a great time.

A bonfire is a great way to enjoy the beach at night with some hot chocolate, s'mores, and friends.
A bonfire is a great way to enjoy the beach at night with some hot chocolate, s'mores, and friends.

11. Go Topless

There's something really brave about getting naked in public. It's an experience that can make you feel courageous and bold—it should be tried at least once. Of course, you have to make sure that you're doing this at a nude beach. Otherwise you're going to get into some serious trouble!

12. Hula Hoop

Or play catch. Or jump rope. Or fly a kite. Engage in some sort of child's play, using cheap toys that you can pick up at a nearby store. This will bring back the wonder of what it was like to go to the beach as a kid. It's also just really fun and a great stress reliever.

13. Write Poetry

Bring a notebook with you and get carried away with your words and creativity. The beach has been inspiring poems and songs for centuries now, so you might as well join the tribe of people who like to write when they're by the water. Other creative writing options include starting that novel you've always wanted to write, or simply keeping a diary of your trip.

14. Meet People

Beaches are filled with people, so there's no reason that you can't make new friends. Games on the sand—like volleyball—make this easy, but there are lots of ways to meet people at the beach. Look online to see if there are any upcoming social gatherings or meet-ups at the beach.

15. Look for Seashells

You can troll the beach looking for seashells and colored glass. Take photos of the best shells so that you can research them when you get home, or make some shell art on the sand and take a photo to remember it by. Please keep in mind that in some places, it's illegal to take shells from the beach, and it's often highly discouraged in places where it's still technically legal.

The beach is full of beautiful and hidden seashells.
The beach is full of beautiful and hidden seashells.

16. Take Photographs

The beach is a great place for taking some beautiful photos. On top of that, those photos will be great memories to take home after the trip. Wander along with your digital camera, see what there is to see, and snap away.

17. Search for Historic Sites

Many beaches are located near places of historic importance, which are marked with monuments or signs. You can find these in the most unexpected of places. Keep an eye out for military batteries on the water, historic lighthouses, and old battlegrounds. This is another great opportunity for your camera as well.

18. Catch Up on Phone Calls

With cell phones working almost everywhere these days, you should have no problem getting connected to others at the beach. It's a great place to catch up on phone calls while getting a tan—and everyone you call will be jealous because of where you are!

Of course, remember to be mindful of not speaking too loudly or obnoxiously. You may be in an outdoor public area, but so are many others—they're looking to relax and not unintentionally eavesdrop. Save the personal, private conversations for another time.

19. Look for Little Critters

Most people who go looking for animals at the beach are looking for whales, seals, or dolphins. Turn your focus to the little critters, like crabs, birds, and jellyfish. Spend the day seeing how many different animals you can count. Make it a goal and snap pictures for each one so you can catalog your findings.

20. Write Messages in the Sand

You can write them big or small. Say anything you want and then take a picture that will last forever. These pictures can be made into unique postcards to send to the folks back home.

The sun setting over the water is always a beautiful sight.
The sun setting over the water is always a beautiful sight. | Source

21. Watch the Sunset

You could also watch the sunrise if you get there early enough. This activity is a favorite for many at the beach, as it should be, because it's such a breathtaking sight to see—you'll never tire of it. Take in the day (or morning) and reflect on what you've accomplished.

22. Celebrate a Holiday or Special Occasion

People often go to the beach to watch Fourth of July fireworks or to celebrate a honeymoon. There's nothing like the crashing waves and the sand between your toes to ring in a special occasion.

23. Daydream

You're sitting around at the beach with no commitments for the time being (at least, that's how it ideally should be) and nothing demanding your attention. That's a great time to just hang out and daydream a little bit. Envision what you want your life to look like in five or ten years, where you wish you could travel, or what you would do if you won the lottery. Let your mind and fantasies carry you away in the best way possible.

24. Relax

You don't have to daydream or take pictures or do anything really. You can just sit there and relax. Breathe, meditate, take a nap. Just be and relax. You're on vacation, after all!

25. Build a Sandcastle

This is a classic beach activity for kids and adults alike. From the simplest design to the most elaborate, sandcastles help you pass the time at the beach while doing something really creative and fun. Try Googling sandcastles for some inspiring ideas!

Building a sandcastle is a great way to spend your time on the beach. Try to get really creative with your "castle"!
Building a sandcastle is a great way to spend your time on the beach. Try to get really creative with your "castle"!

The truth of the matter is that going to the beach is going to be fun, no matter what you do there. You're getting away from real life for a bit and you'll hopefully enjoy a scenic travel destination—or at least just get away from home and go to your town's local beach. It's just nice to know that there are plenty of things to do besides suntan and swim while you're there!

Have you tried any of the above activities? Also, what are some of your favorite things to do at the beach? Comment below and share with us all!


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  • profile image


    3 months ago

    After reading your article i am waiting for visiting on a beach. i loved your article seriously. Also sharing with you guys a post on things to do on a beach. Checkout here: https://www.ayurvedatown.com/going-to-the-beach-do...

  • profile image

    Capri Mungeam 

    9 months ago

    In NW Florida you can take Sand Castle Lessons to build 3 1/2 ft tall sandcastles!

  • profile image


    10 months ago

    I wrote messages in the sand ...thx google i had a fun time because of you..but...nvm

  • Francis Kenneth Alamay profile image

    Francis Kenneth Alamay 

    12 months ago from Philippines

    dont write a letter in a bottle. we have lots of polluted oceans already :-)

  • Joann Curit profile image

    Joann Curit 

    15 months ago from Maylao Cabadiangan Liloan Cebu

    I love fishing.I remember my late grandma..

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    wow i love these ideas

  • profile image

    Taylor weeks 

    4 years ago

    I guess you're right pretty much anything at the beach is awesome, where else can you feel more grounded

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    if kids roll in the sand there parent will scream at them

  • My Cook Book profile image

    Dil Vil 

    6 years ago from India

    Cool hub, i like it.

  • tastiger04 profile image


    6 years ago

    Awesome hub, great suggestions! I love the beach, can't wait to be near the water again :) voted up!

  • ShaamCA profile image


    7 years ago from India

    Nice Listing also useful for all age peoples :)

  • travelholidays profile image


    7 years ago from India

    Great Hub for every one ! Useful information. I Like point no.6 "Frisbee" , love the game :) . I think you missed beach volley ball

  • profile image

    Kitesurfing Lessons 

    7 years ago

    Nice to be pushing people to get fit and enjoy their beach. Keep fit and learn new watersports. We love the beach and love to teach. Kitesurfing lessons near London http://hampshirekitesurfing.com

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    i just wanna know what is at the beach im trying to write a ryming song i got one already i got 15 if my teacher sees im gonna be fabulous

  • profile image

    fuck you! 

    7 years ago

    go lick a fish you melt

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    hmmmmmmmm,beach is very nice for romantic people....

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Does the beach makes you grow like a vegetable?

  • talfonso profile image


    8 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

    This Hub is brimming with great ideas for a beach day. I live in FL, where there are lots of good beaches to go to. In fact, I live in the Tampa-St. Pete area, so I'm pretty close to the beaches.

    I would add a caveat on #19. You may want to watch out for crabs (the classic crab-pinching-your-nose-or-foot) and jellyfish (they will sting you to high heck). No beach day is worth getting hurt or killed!

  • MelChi profile image

    Melanie Chisnall 

    8 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

    I didn't realize there were so many things you could do at the beach - bring on summer here in SA! Great hub, thanks so much for sharing this :)

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    You can always jerk off at the beach.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    i like the following contents. it's pretty impressive. if we'll follow these tips then we will surely enjoy our trip.

    nice work there little lady:D

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    #11 "troll the beach" haha

  • profile image

    hampshire kitesurfing centre 

    8 years ago

    Kitesurfing lessons on the beach, why not get out of the sity and come visit our kitesurfing school http://hampshirekitesurfing.com/

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    don't forget the best thing to do in the beach "Making Love" (1/2 body in sand & 1/2 body in the water)

    if you never try it, add it on your list before you fly gone!

  • profile image


    8 years ago


  • profile image


    8 years ago

    i hadn't been to a beach for 9 years

  • profile image

    Moe Beaches 

    8 years ago

    This is the stupidest list I have read in a long time.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    thanks for ur help... this thing really help our group.. :)) by the way this activities is so cool.. :))

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    guys im one of d vacation specialist her in cancun mexico in inviting u guys to go her in vacation i well sure u well enjoy her in cancun all inclusive guys for more information just drop my facebook accnt at rhon01mendoza@yahoo.com for more information...tnx guys...

  • villasandhomes profile image


    8 years ago

    Great work... thanks for sharing..

  • SuperDomains profile image


    8 years ago from SuperDomains.com - www.SuperDomains.com - Atlanta, GA

    Going topless does not require much courage at all for us men. Anyway, all of this travel talk has me planning another vacation. Great article...

  • workoutdvdworld profile image


    8 years ago from Perth

    I also like beach volleyball for a fun group game, and who can go past burying someone in the sand up to their neck! Rollerblading on the boardwalk is also a great way to get in shape whilst making the most of the beautiful scenery.

  • maxravi profile image

    Ravi Singh 

    8 years ago from India

    Thanks for this hub..I mostly go to beach to relax myself.. you won't get it anywhere else.voted up!!

  • dreamtravelmag profile image

    Sharon Mendelaoui 

    8 years ago from Toronto

    Great hub, makes me wish I was on the beach right now. http://dreamtravelmagazine.com

  • Londontours profile image


    8 years ago from London

    Great information

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    me and my faimly would have a sandcastle contest of who can make the biggest and creativest sandcaslte with stuff only from the beach

  • lipe profile image


    8 years ago from Thailand

    i will Sunbathing on the white sand and sip cool coconut water.



  • profile image


    8 years ago


  • Jennie Demario profile image

    Venture Boyz 

    8 years ago from Floating in the clouds

    So much fun! This hub brought my back to my youth! Well except for the Go Topless part LOL. Who would of thought sand and water could be so exciting? Ah, I miss the beach. I may have to make a trip before summer winds down :(

  • felicitylovespari profile image


    8 years ago

    I personally love the beach and I am into having "good times" during summer. The things that you have listed are great. I will try it this coming summer..:)

  • whitton profile image


    8 years ago

    So fun and creative! I love the beach and there is so many things that you can do there that is free!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Great hub! I want to go to the beach now :) When I go on holiday, I always write in the sand the place where I am and the year, and that is the photograph which begins my photograph album. Nice tips!

  • profile image

    beach girl 

    9 years ago

    wow. i am going to do almost all of these when i get to the beach. i am so excited. just a few more days until i go.

  • jamiesweeney profile image


    9 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

    It's a very good hub, Kathryn. I'll apply those tips the next time I go for a summer vacation on my fav beach.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • edw4rdcull profile image


    9 years ago

    will consider these tips for my next trip to the beach

  • applejuic3 profile image


    9 years ago from San Diego, CA

    honestly, a great list. i live in san diego and will be taking advantage of the beach a lot this year. i can't wait to utilize this list.

  • profile image

    victoria walsh 

    9 years ago

    see I live in ireland I meant what to do wexford beach .

    is there any more things to do at the beach

  • profile image

    The Outdoor Fire Pit Guy 

    9 years ago

    The two activities that I really enjoy are the bonfires and hiking. Depending on the beach, there may be some really great hiking opportunities. I especially like the northwest beaches the best.

  • profile image

    Singaporean beach-goer. 

    9 years ago

    That must be what to do on beaches in America. In Singapore, there's no shops, only bicycles and roller blades for rent.

    And one more fun activity: bury someone in the sand! Muahahahaha!

  • profile image

    Weber Genesis E320 

    9 years ago

    what a fun article = thanks

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Now I know what to do with my family! Great ideas thanks hub!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I love beaches and Just love to burn my skin!

  • profile image

    Belle Malicoat 

    9 years ago

    I'm doing this thing for my teacher and it helped me sooo much thank you!!

  • Jangaplanet profile image

    A James Di Rodi 

    9 years ago

    Great hub! always enjoy the beach. Thanks for sharing Kathryn Vercillo:)

  • trusouldj profile image

    LaZeric Freeman 

    9 years ago from Hammond

    Always wanted to make love on the beach ... maybe one day.

  • profile image

    joey chiasson 

    9 years ago

    Hmm what about like swiming? lol

  • lovetherain profile image


    9 years ago from Untited States

    we had a warm week this winter, and my kids spent the entire weekend building forts out of driftwood. It was great:)

  • gss profile image


    9 years ago from Florida

    A great list of things to do at the beach. As a Florida native, many of these are important criteria to do as much as possible. The beach is a great place to have fun.

  • profile image

    Airtime Kitesurfing 

    9 years ago

    Its got to be kitesurfing every time. Its easy to learn and you will never get bored of it.


  • profile image


    9 years ago

    This didn't help at all.

    There are more unique things to do at the beach than this.

  • profile image


    9 years ago


  • profile image

    booty call 

    9 years ago

    i admire your 25 fun things to do at the beach, where is swimming?

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    thx for help :)

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Relaxing and enjoying in Beach is very good hobby


  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Beach is so relaxing. Good for destressing

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Thx now i am not bored at the bech

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    These are the most mind-numbingly OBVIOUS suggestions. My husband and I got a great laugh over this article. We were expecting something a little more enlightening and creative.

  • ahostagesituation profile image


    9 years ago

    I go to the beach to clear, or to clutter my head, mostly during the week when it's less crowded. Bonfires are great, but in California, it's freezing at night at the beach, it has to be a big fire. But way fun.

  • kandrawe profile image


    9 years ago from Tropical Country

    I really like to bring my dog to the beach

  • GmaGoldie profile image

    Kelly Kline Burnett 

    10 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

    I simply love the sea animals! The sand between my toes! Oh, I adore beaches! What a delight!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    well i wish i could use those ideas but i can't since it is cold too cold to go to the beack.like cresent beach me and my friends wenton friday with our school holy was that freakin cold

  • equealla profile image


    10 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

    When living at the beach we tend to forget there is so many fun things to do. Thanx for reminding us. Great hub.

  • adorababy profile image


    10 years ago from Syracuse, NY

    It is almost end of the summer from where I am from but this is certainly going in my list to do.

  • lauralolita profile image


    10 years ago from Florida

    Great ideas!

  • blackhatworld profile image


    10 years ago from Belize

    there are a lot of things that you can do with the beach. but the best way is to relax!

  • profile image

    Beach Umbrellas 

    10 years ago

    Wonderful suggestions! Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Wow I can't wait till I do all of this haha :)

  • becca7176 profile image


    10 years ago from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    This is one of those truly fantastic hubs.

  • pinkhawk profile image


    10 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

    ...wow cool and fun! I like these ideas except for the "go topless" hahaha! I will be in trouble if ever esp. here in the Philippines, the police might caught me--public scandal..haha! thank you for sharing your ideas ma'am! :)

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    THIS IS A GREAT WEBSITE TO LOOK Aty to find things that you want to know before you go to am beach

  • kea profile image


    10 years ago

    Great suggestions!

  • kitesurfguru profile image


    10 years ago from Worldwide

    kitesurfing is definitely a sport to take up :-) great fun if you go to a windy place!


  • Greg Cremia profile image

    Greg Cremia 

    10 years ago from Outer Banks

    I am glad you included 'relax'. It only takes a couple of minutes at the beach for the sound of the crashing surf to melt away life's stresses.

  • QueenBee456 profile image


    10 years ago from Delray Beach, FL

    I always love rolling around in the sand

  • Going2Oahu profile image


    10 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

    Relaxing at the beach is my favorite thing to do!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Great thing to do at the beach! Maybe doing survivor style activities!

  • Jessay profile image


    10 years ago from USA

    You have a great sensibility. Thanks for the beach suggestions.

  • lowerabworkout profile image


    10 years ago

    I just found this relaxing hub! I especially like the idea about daydreaming. It's something that most of us get little time to do, yet it's often when we step back a little that those "Eureka moments" come along. The beach is perfect for a little daydreaming!

  • Diane Morgan profile image

    Diane Morgan 

    10 years ago

    Don't forget people watching especially for men. If you see a man reading on the beach, 9 of 10 time is a disguise. He is actually doing some major people watching :)

  • tonyhubb profile image


    10 years ago

    Very nice article :) Thanks!

  • jdaviswrites profile image

    Jeff Davis 

    10 years ago from California

    you forgot bocci ball, drinking, and rock stacking (very peaceful)

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    love the ideas, :) ill deffenatly use them!


  • profile image


    10 years ago

    I always like playing a game called "Tip it" with the frisbee. Two teams, one team throws a good throw towards the middle of the other team. Teams tip the frisbee with their feet, hands, and head for points (3, 1, and 5 respectively). String together combos for bigger points. Play to 15 or 21 points per game.

    Good hub, but I can't believe you missed volleyball!

  • kiwi91 profile image


    10 years ago from USA

    I get bored at the beach, so this is a useful list for me. Sitting out is the last thing I like to do there. Very good hub.

  • profile image

    Ronald Oliver 

    10 years ago

    You can always play a game of half rubber which was created as a beach game in South Carolina. I played this years ago and it is a blast.

  • cjcarter profile image


    11 years ago

    I love the beach! I'll be sure to put some of your ideas to use!

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    "2. Look for dolphins. Many beaches throughout the world offer the chance to see dolphins right from the sure if you know what you're looking for and when to look."

    Right from the SURE?! are you kidding me!!

  • TheKitesurfCentre profile image


    11 years ago from Camber near Rye, East Sussex, UK.

    If you love the beach and the sea and are up for something a little more exciting, come and have a go at kitesurfing, its awesome. Here is our kitesurf school in the UK near London and Brighton.


  • Betsy Baywatch profile image

    Betsy Baywatch 

    11 years ago

    great hub! thanks for sharing...what about a beach wedding?:)

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    skimboarding is another fun thing to do!


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