Sark Prison: The Cutest Prison in the World

Sark Prison—the world's smallest prison with only two cells—has a colorful and vibrant history.


13 Most Haunted Restaurants in the World

If spending a night in a haunted hotel is just a bit too thrilling for you, perhaps a meal in a haunted restaurant is more your speed. These 13 eateries are the most haunted restaurants in the world. They’re known for serving up frightfully good thrills alongside frightfully good meals.


10 Disadvantages of Traveling Alone

This article lists and looks at 10 of the negatives of solo travel, including safety issues, falling sick, and eating alone.


10 Real-Life Benefits of Traveling Alone

Traveling solo might not be for everyone, but when it goes well, it can be very rewarding and even positively transformational. This article lists and looks at 10 advantages of journeying unaccompanied.


5 Forbidden Islands: Places You Can Never Visit

There are several islands in the world that are off limits to even the most intrepid travelers.


The Best Winter Resorts and Destinations (for Skiing and More)

From luxury resorts to gorgeous destinations, these are the world's best places to spend time in winter.


How to Enjoy Traveling Solo (10 Tried-and-True Tips)

Ready for a solo travel adventure? Whether you are ready to take a first solo trip or just want some more tips on how to make it a more enjoyable experience, these tips may come in handy for enhancing your vacation


7 Beautiful Grocery Stores You Should Shop at Before You Die

Grocery shopping needn't be uninspiring! Check out these beautiful grocery stores from around the world to shop at on your next vacation.


5 Countries Female Solo Travelers Should Avoid

Traveling solo as a woman can be risky in any part of the world, but some areas are much more dangerous than others. Here are five countries where the risk of harassment, stalking and violence is too high for solo female travelers.


5 Places to Avoid Traveling With Children

You don't want to lug a five-year-old around Paris if he's not even going to enjoy most of it, right? Here are five cities to avoid for your next family vacation with kids and preteens.


How to Travel With Friends Without Losing Your Mind

Whether you're doing to Boston or Bali, traveling in a group of like-minded friends isn't as simple as you think. Here are the best ways to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings during your trip.


Tips and Tricks for Surviving Hot Florida Summers

Summer is here, and it is HOT! So what essential items do you need to beat the heat? I've compiled a list of things that help my family make it through the long, hot months that should help you too!


10 Things Northerners Can Expect When Moving Down South

From different mannerisms to a slower pace of life, here's what you can expect when moving down South.


How to Plan Your Next Trip (5 Tips for the Perfect Vacation)

Planning travel is part of the journey. Consider these tips for how to plan your own unique trip. Read on and get packing!


The Three Golden Rules of Travel

I've traveled extensively and learned a few things the hard way. Here are my top three most important travel tips!


20 Ways to Make Friends Abroad: How to Meet New People for Digital Nomads and Solo Travellers

I thought I'd enjoy all my alone time while traveling, but from time to time, we all need a bit of social interaction. Here's how I meet people while I'm travelling abroad.


The Second Impression: 8 Ways a Second Visit Can Be More Rewarding Than the First

When we first begin to travel, we tend to have an insatiable appetite to 'tick off places' from a list that has been accumulating on our phone's notepad at an alarming rate. But as time goes on, revisiting places can actually become more rewarding than visiting them for the first time.


4 Bargaining Tricks for the Fearless Traveler

It all starts with a number, then the battle for a price begins. Haggling can be daunting, but don't let it intimate you. Yes, there may be a language barrier and you may be in a completely different country, but have no fear. With these tricks, you will become a bargaining master.


6 Ways to Get Your Travel On

After writing an article about traveling with my baby, I started thinking about all the ways my friends and I used to travel. It is so important to travel the world and experience new places! Below are my top six picks for ways to travel depending on what you want to accomplish in life.


10 Solo Traveling Skills for a Truly Enjoyable Adventure

Is solo traveling enjoyable? Is it safe to explore the world on your own? It is if you’re capable of 10 all-important skills.


Tips on Making the Most of Your Adventures Abroad

These days, we can travel across or around the world more easily than ever before. But visiting a place and truly experiencing it are two very different things. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your adventures abroad.


Atlas Obscura: A Guide to the World's Strange and Hidden Wonders

Dive into this book featuring obscure and magnificent treasures from around the world. You will not be disappointed, though you may suddenly experience an insatiable desire to travel.


Vacation Photographers: Don't Forget the Small Stuff

In their hurry to capture the 'big picture,' many photographers forget about the little things. This article will reveal the beauty of these details. Sample photos are included.


How to Avoid Pickpockets While Traveling

Pickpocketing is a real thing, especially in tourist cities. Know how to protect yourself!


Touring Circuses in the United States and Beyond

Circus lives on! Despite the closing of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, smaller circuses are in performance at a venue or Big Top near you!


Tourist Vacation Complaints

Hospitality industry workers get used to ridiculous nitpicking from tourists, but sometimes it must take immense self-control not to burst out laughing.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Outside of the United States

Based on more than 20 years of life overseas on Taiwan and in Thailand, I list in this article the main advantages and disadvantages of living outside the United States, especially when on your own.


Odd Place Names

Villages, towns, and geographical features around the world have names that sometimes cause chuckles or blushes of embarrassment.


How to Write Your Motivation Letter for a German Student Visa

Your motivation letter is very important and can determine if your student visa will be granted or not. In this article, you will find in-depth explanations and examples of the key components that every motivation letter should have.


5 Ancient Roman Lighthouses You Can Still Visit

Lighthouses are beautiful and popular locations to visit, but lighthouses of the ancient world are especially intriguing, as they mix history with the beauty of ancient Rome.


Travel vs. Vacation: What's the Difference?

'Travel' and 'vacation' are often used interchangeably, but they mean different things. While neither is better than the other, it's important to understand the differences between the two.


The Varied Flora and Fauna of Portugal: A Naturalist’s Paradise

Portugal, with its Mediterranean climate and very varied countryside, is a naturalist's paradise and home to a vast number of species of flora and fauna. Some, like the Iberian lynx, are endangered.


The 15 Scariest and Most Dangerous Roads in the World

This article suggests a list of the 15 deadliest and most frightening roads on earth. A short description is provided for each treacherous road, and exciting videos are available as well.


10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel on Their Own

Seeing the world can be one of the most fulfilling and intimidating experiences possible, especially when you're traveling solo. Here are ten reasons why you should try it out for yourself!


Advice for Women Traveling Alone in RVs

If you are a single woman who wants to do some RV vacationing, there is no reason why you can't do so safely and comfortably. These tips can help.


10 Reasons Not to Attend a Fair (From Long Lines to Faulty Rides)

Ever find yourself trying to decide whether you should go to the local fair? Here are our top ten reasons why you should skip it from now on.


How to Survive in a Humid Climate

Humidity is the worst, especially if you're not accustomed to it. Follow these tips to beat the humidity.


6 Freaky and Cool Abandoned Places You Haven't Heard About

From China to the United States, freaky and cool abandoned places sit still, frozen in time. Derelict structures are weighed down by the memories of a more purposeful time . . . enjoy the tour.


10 Easy-to-Plan Adventures for Your Next Staycation

If you dream of an exotic vacation, but a staycation is more of a reality for you, here are ten ideas for easy to plan adventures to make the most of your next staycation.


Ten Famous Lighthouses From Around the World

In addition to being a necessity for ships at sea, lighthouses are also popular tourist attractions and historical sites. This article looks at ten well-known and iconic lighthouses from different countries around the world and the history behind them.


10 Savvy Travel Tips to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Perfect

Here are my top ten travel tips to make your beach vacation fun, relaxing, safe, and enjoyable.


USA vs. Europe: Ten Reasons Europe Is Better Than the USA

A brief overview of some differences between the US and Europe. Keep in mind that these are generalizations.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Group vs. Solo Travel

Have you been dreaming of taking a vacation? Wondering whether to take a solo journey, or have an epic adventure with friends? To help with your decision, let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of both. Don't know whether a solo or group...

5 Ways to Travel the World While in College

College is a great time to travel the world in search of adventure, new experiences, and discovering one's self. Here are a few ways to affordably travel while in college.


Culinary Habits and Food Travel Etiquette in Foreign Countries

Proper manners to follow when traveling to other countries. Dining etiquette from around the world can help you fit in when traveling on business or for vacation.


10 Effective Ways to Promote Sustainable Tourism

Places we visit have often been there for centuries, but whether they will be there for future generations to enjoy depends on what we do when we travel. Sustainable tourism helps make sure that future generations can still enjoy the world's beauty.


Eight Countries With Easy Immigration Policies

This article lists countries that you can immigrate to very easily, and that all have a sufficiently high standard of living. Be aware that each country has specific immigration policies and that permanent residency and citizenship are two very different things.


25 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

Learn about a bunch of fun things you can do at the beach besides just swim.


The Shisha Culture in the Middle East

One of the pleasures of living in the Middle East is to pass an evening in congenial company while enjoying a shisha (hookah) of your preferred flavour. Shisha is the traditional Arab water pipe.