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Travelodge: Best Budget Hotel in England, Scotland and Wales

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Some Travelodges are converted older buildings like this one in Eastbourne.

Some Travelodges are converted older buildings like this one in Eastbourne.

Where to Find a Good Low-Cost Hotel Room

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on overnight accommodation, it can be difficult to find a good budget hotel. Hotels in tourist hot-spots charge high prices because they know they’ll easily fill the rooms. Big city hotels cash-in on business travelers with expense accounts. And if you’re traveling solo, many hotels charge an extortionate single supplement, and then give you the worst room in the house.

In Britain, there are several brands who target the cost-conscious customer, and I have stayed in many of them. Each one has pluses and minuses, but in my view, the best value budget hotel chain is Travelodge. The main competitor brands to Travelodge are Premier Inn, and Holiday Inn Express.

(N.B. I have no connection to Travelodge and was not paid to write this review.)

What Do You Get at a Standard Travelodge?

The Pros of This Budget Hotel Chain

  • Low cost accommodation.
  • Comfortable bed with ensuite WC and shower.
  • Choice of twin, double, or family bedroom.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities, including kettle.
  • TV in room.
  • Free wi-fi for half an hour; then a small charge.
  • Free car parking (not including city center hotels.)

The Cons of Staying Here

  • No room service.
  • No fridge.
  • No in-room phone.
  • No closet, just an open rail with a few hangers.
  • No in-room safe.
  • No lounge or communal meet-and-greet area.
  • No restaurant, although there’s usually one within walking distance.

London Stratford Travelodge Room Tour

What Does One Night’s Stay Cost?

Hotel prices tend to be higher in city centers and in tourist areas. However, this chain still offers the best value if you are on a low budget. The prices on the Travelodge website are per room and not per person, so if you’re traveling as a family you can get some real bargains. Prices are usually between £20 to £40 per room per night, depending on the season, the location, and the level of demand. If you’re a visitor to the UK, I recommend you use this currency conversion app so that you can understand how good a deal the advertised price is.

To help you plan your journey in England, Scotland or Wales, it’s useful to sign up to the Travelodge.co.uk emailing list. That way you’ll be one of the first to know about upcoming deals and bargains. They often have discount sales for off-peak stays and this can reduce an already good room rate by up to 50%.

Travelodge uses dynamic pricing. This means the price of a room varies depending on the number of people who view the internet details of a particular hotel in the last 24 hours. More demand and the price rises; less demand and the price can drop. If there’s a big event on, demand for rooms will rise and prices follow. However, if you can be a little flexible with dates or location, you can usually find a lower priced Travelodge just a few miles away from your original choice.

What About Meals? Is Breakfast Included?

The room rate is for the bedroom accommodation only. You can buy a breakfast box, but you can buy the same items in a supermarket for far less. I think the breakfast box is poor value. I usually find a local café or restaurant and have a hot breakfast instead. If you’re on holiday, it sets you up for the day and you won’t need more than a snack at lunchtime.

When Are the Travelodge Discount Sales?

Travelodge has regular deals and special offers on their rooms. Sometimes I’ve managed to book rooms with 50% off the standard rate. The reduced rates are usually for off-peak times of the year and outside normal school holidays. January and February are often bargain months.

Some city center hotels are mainly used by business people, and these may have reductions on Friday and Sunday nights (but not Saturday nights.) My advice is for you to go on the Travelodge mailing list and they will notify you when their sales start.

How to Find the Best Value Hotels

Travelodge is very efficient. Book direct with them online and the booking is confirmed immediately. They provide a link in the email to the hotel webpage, and give clear directions to find its location. They list public transport options as well as motorway routes to the hotel. They also send you a reminder email 48 hours before your planned visit.

If you’re planning to drive, check what the arrangements are to get free parking. Many of the Travelodge hotels share their car park with other stores and restaurants. If this is the case then you need to log your car registration with the hotel on arrival. This ensures you don’t get a parking ticket.

This Travelodge hotel in Tunbridge Wells is full of character.

This Travelodge hotel in Tunbridge Wells is full of character.

What Are Travelodge Super Hotels?

Travelodge have upgraded a few of their hotels in response to customer demand. These are called Super Hotels. They have additional facilities such as extra plug and USB sockets in the rooms. There are also dimmer switches, and some chocolate biscuits on your tea and coffee tray. It’s nice to have the little extras, but you’ll find the price you pay is also a little extra.

What is a Saver Rate Booking at Travelodge?

The saver rate is the cheapest room rate advertised at the time of booking. If you later change your mind, and want to cancel the reservation, or cannot make the journey, you won't be entitled to a refund.

The saver rate is good value, but 100% of the cost of the entire booking including any extras, are put on your charge card at the time of booking. There are no refunds offered, nor alteration to the reservation date, no matter the reason for you wanting to make a change.

If your booking is pay-on-arrival, the booking cost of a night's stay can be double that of the saver rate, but you would be able to amend the booking, if you needed to.

Useful Websites

Book your stay online direct with Travelodge

Check out the websites of Visit England, Visit Scotland, and Visit Wales. You’ll find lots of ideas on where to go on your next vacation to Britain.

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