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Review: Michelangelo Hotel in New York City (Junior Suite)

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Recently I decided to take a trip to New York City. I wanted to experience Times Square during the New Year’s Eve festivities. I had always seen it on television, but now I wanted to experience it. So I decided I needed to find a quality hotel that was quiet, close to Times Square, clean, and spacious. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s cramped big-city hotel rooms.

After many hours of research in an attempt to find the perfect hotel and room, I booked a stay in a Junior Suite at the Michelangelo Hotel in New York City. The price was very reasonable for a 5-star hotel, it was right around the corner from Time Square, and the Junior Suite was supposed to be very spacious for the price. Had I actually stumbled on the best hotel deal in New York City?

What to Expect

As I sit here at the desk in my Junior Suite typing this review, I realize that there is more included with my stay here that I, or most guests, are likely to take advantage of. However, I feel it’s important that these things are mentioned in case one of these is a deal breaker for you.

Here are some pictures and features of both the Michelangelo Hotel and the Junior Suite specifically, so you'll know what to expect.

All items in these lists are available to guests free of additional charges unless otherwise noted.

Check-In Time: 3:00 PM

Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

The front of the Michelangelo Hotel located at 152 W 51st Street, New York, NY

The front of the Michelangelo Hotel located at 152 W 51st Street, New York, NY

Michelangelo Hotel Features

These are the services and features offered at the Michelangelo Hotel for all guests.

ADA-compliant rooms

Adjoining rooms available

24-hour valet parking (additional fees apply)

Events and functions space

Meeting rooms

24-hour self-parking (additional fees apply)

Newspaper of your choice

Concierge service

Coffee, tea, and pastries served each morning

Shuttle service to Wall Street on weekdays

Room service (additional fees apply)

Business center with printing and faxing services

In-room movies (additional fees apply)

Access to the on-site 24-hour gym

Indoor swimming pool access (additional fees apply)

Same day laundry and pressing service (additional fees apply)

In-room hair and makeup services (additional fees apply)

Shoe shining service

Junior Suite Features

These are the room features of the Junior Suite that I observed during my stay.

549 square feet of living area

Lounging area

In-room thermostat

Two televisions


Two landline telephones with voicemail

Free W-Fi


Fully stocked mini-bar (additional fees apply)

Laptop sized safe

Blackout curtains

Floor to ceiling marble in the bathroom and shower

Extra-large bathtub

Makeup vanity

Basic soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion

Hair drier

Ironing board and iron

Terry bathrobes and slippers

For additional information about what this hotel offers, see the Michelangelo Hotel website.

On paper, this hotel has plenty of amenities to keep me, and I’d imagine most visitors to New York City, very happy. Here’s the problem, most hotels can offer a laundry list of features to their guests, but that isn’t what makes a hotel experience truly luxurious. Let's find out what it’s really like to experience a Junior Suite in the Michelangelo Hotel.


This hotel requires a $35 per day "residents fee." This fee may or may not be included in the price you pay during booking, depending on how you book your stay.


Rating: 4.5 Stars

I took a red-eye flight to New York City from California and got very little sleep on the plane. I arrived during the morning hours of December 31st, exhausted, and willing to make a deal with the devil to get some sleep.

The Positives

The service was great, but the best way to describe how great it was is to tell you about my arrival. When I got to the front desk after my long overnight flight, the staff advised me that my room wasn’t ready yet but that I could leave my luggage with them if I wanted and that they would call me when a room was ready. I agreed and found a seat in the lounge area where I could slouch down, let my eyes glaze over, and wait for my room to be ready while trying not to fall asleep in public.

The staff quickly recognized my tough situation. They told me they were making calls to their staff and putting a rush on my room. They offered this on their own, I never asked for a rushed check-in. A short time later, I was advised that they had a room ready for me and the bellman got me and my luggage to my room without hesitation.

This was my first experience with the service at this hotel and it only seemed to get better after that. In the following days, I made friends with Teodoro the doorman, and any request I had was quickly accommodated. I was very impressed with the compassionate and prompt service I had while I was at the Michelangelo.

The Negatives

There was only one time where I can say I observed anything remotely reminiscent of service that wasn’t ideal. On my third day in the Michelangelo, I had a question for staff and responded to the reception desk during the early afternoon.

When I arrived I noticed no one was at the front desk. After a short wait, there was still no staff members coming to great me so I decided I would try again later and began to walk off. When I got about thirty feet away, two staff members finally emerged from the back room and called out to me “Ma’am? Can we help you?” I turned around and they were extremely courteous and helpful from there on out, but this interaction was a little awkward. This was the only interaction I had during my week at the hotel where anything service related seemed less than ideal. Overall, the service was amazing.

One of the hotel's business meeting rooms located on the second floor. This is the Venetian Meeting Room.

One of the hotel's business meeting rooms located on the second floor. This is the Venetian Meeting Room.


Rating: 3.5 Stars

The design of the junior sweet is a semi-modern design with a touch of Italian influence. Glossy black furniture is accented with golden lamps and grey fabrics. The carpet is a light colored grey that makes the furniture and accents in the room stand out.

The Positives

I really enjoyed the overall design of the room, and it felt comfortable right away. The carpet is very soft and feels great on your feet when you take your shoes off after a long day of walking around the city. The room is also very spacious, especially when considering it’s in the middle of New York City.

The bathroom is beautiful with marble tile from floor to ceiling. The shower area is completely surrounded in marble which also stretches all the way up the walls. The countertop is a deep rich black slab of marble.

My favorite design feature of this room is the entertainment center in the middle of the room. It separates the lounging and sleeping areas and stretches from floor to ceiling. There are two back-to-back LCD televisions in this entertainment center. One television is facing the bed, and one is on the back side facing the lounging area. This entertainment center is well placed and provides a separator of sorts between the two areas. There are a lot of drawers for storage and glass shelves above the televisions which are free for use.

The Negatives

I really loved the design of the room but there were a couple of negatives to report. I did notice that many of the pieces of furniture appeared to be in somewhat rough shape. On closer inspection, I noticed many dings, nicks, and scratches throughout the otherwise beautiful pieces of furniture. In fact, there were even one or two areas that I would call heavily damaged (see pictures) on some of the pieces of furniture. I may be overly picky here since I will admit that these flaws weren’t noticeable when I first walked into the room.

Another issue of the design is the awkward placement of the refrigerator. The room’s small black refrigerator, which was fully stocked with great drink choices, by the way, was simply plugged into the wall and sitting directly on the carpet by itself. There was no furniture around it or any other effort in getting it to blend in with the overall design of the room.

The biggest flaw, which was noticeable right away, however, was the leaning desk. The desk was leaning to one side and appeared to be very unstable (see picture). The base of the desk seemed unstable and I was worried about my ability to work on my laptop on the desk. I am sitting at the desk now typing this review only because I took a few of the magazines in the room and used them to prop up one side of the desk’s base to make it stable. Certainly, I could mention it to staff and I’m sure it would be fixed, but this resolution just seemed easier for me.

The view of the Junior Suite as you enter through the door.

The view of the Junior Suite as you enter through the door.


Rating: 5 Stars

The junior suite is a wonderfully comfortable room. After my grueling red-eye flight, I was incredibly tired as I finally entered my Junior Suite room. I was certainly exhausted. Once I got into my room, I felt instantly relaxed.

The Positives

The king-sized bed was a perfect balance between plush and semi-firm and was incredibly comfortable. The carpet was very soft and just felt amazing on my feet. The best part about this room was how quiet it was. Considering it was almost directly on Times Square, I was amazed at how quiet the room was on the inside.

The blackout curtains did a great job keeping the room dark so that a mid-day nap was possible. It was exactly what I needed right after my all-night plane ride. I slept for over five hours, much longer than I had planned just because of how comfortable I was.

The Negatives

There really isn’t much negative to report as far as comfort goes with this room. This room was one of the hands-down most comfortable rooms I’ve ever stayed in, and although I feel obligated to deliver at least one drawback to this room’s comfort for the sake of this review, it really isn’t possible.

The beautiful stairway leading from the first floor lobby and lounge area to additional lounge space on the second floor.

The beautiful stairway leading from the first floor lobby and lounge area to additional lounge space on the second floor.


Rating: 5 Stars

Cleanliness is one area that I find incredibly important when staying in a hotel. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a germophobic person, cleanliness really is a major factor separating cheap hotels from higher-end hotels.

The Positives

My room was extremely clean and I any area I thought needed improvement when we arrived. The carpets in my Junior Suite were amazing! It was spotless, which was impressive considering the light grey color. The carpet’s color was light enough that any stains would be easily visible.

The bathroom also appeared very clean, as did the toilet. I checked all the corners and every inch of the place when we arrived and I didn’t see anything that I would consider to be poorly kept or unsanitary. Behind the toilet, the corners in the shower, the hard corners in the bathroom, all the areas that are easy for even the best room cleaners to miss were spotless.

The Negatives

This is another category where I simply cannot find an area that needs improvement. Even the daily cleaning job staff did to the room while I was out and about in the city was impeccable.

The beautifully designed entry way as you approach the front desk.

The beautifully designed entry way as you approach the front desk.

The Rest of the Hotel


I stayed at the Michelangelo Hotel during a particularly cold week in January. As I first approached the hotel, I immediately felt the beautifully warm heaters outside the building warming me while still on the sidewalk, as I approached the hotel. I was greeted by a friendly doorman named Teodoro who I developed a good relationship with during the following days. Teodoro opened the two sets of doors for me as I entered into the Michelangelo.

As I approached the reception area for the first time I found my eyes wandering all around the beautifully designed lobby and reception areas. This magnificent entry was beautifully done with gorgeous tile, marble everywhere, and accents of red fabric pieces on the custom furniture. Gold accents and crystal chandeliers were all around, including in the elevators. I found myself lost in the design of the building, imagining myself as royalty entering an Italian palace. It was clear that quite a lot of work was done to impress visitors to the hotel when they first enter the building.

Lounge Area

In this hotel, the lounge area is really all around the first and second floor. There are various couches, chairs, and tables in all areas of these floors. I never once saw any of the lounge areas anywhere near to crowded during my time there. The most beautiful furniture was on the bottom floor in and around the reception area.

On the second floor was additional lounging areas including beautifully upholstered chairs around small tables for socializing with a close friend or business partner. These small tables and chairs on the second floor were definitely more designed for relaxing and not the type for getting work done on a laptop. All these areas appeared very clean, well kept, and the furniture appeared to be in top shape.

The Bar

The bar area is actually called “The Lounge at the Michelangelo Hotel” and is the closest thing this hotel has to a restaurant on site. There’s basic food choices available and some seating, but the focus of this area is on the bar itself. Consider this more like a pub. It is in a small offshoot located just one room over from the reception area and is just as elegantly designed as the rest of the area. The bartender was great, and the food was delicious.

I do wish there was a full restaurant in this hotel, and not having one is a drawback in my opinion. However, I’d say this hotel’s location makes up for this shortcoming. There are countless restaurant choices in very short walking distance since this hotel is right around the corner from Time Square.

Final Verdict: Would I Visit Again?

Overall Experience Rating: 4.75 Stars

I was certainly impressed with my stay in my Junior Suite at the Michelangelo Hotel. The location was amazing, the room was spotless, and the best part was how comfortable it was. The fact that the room was quiet, even though it was basically right along Times Square on New Year's Eve, blew me away.

I found that my little suite at the Michelangelo became my oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the big city once I had tired myself out from walking around the city all day.

The Michelangelo's Perfect Location

My only complaints really were the condition of some of the furniture and my wobbly desk, both of which were actually quite minor issues. The most important aspects; comfort, cleanliness, and design, were absolutely spot on. I absolutely will visit the Michelangelo again, and I very well may stay in another Junior Suite. The price is reasonable and the accommodations are immaculate. Although I must say, seeing how much I enjoyed their Junior Suite, I am a little curious about what their upgraded suites are like. Maybe I’ll return someday and have a new review to give on an even higher-end room at this magnificent hotel.

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