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Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel Review

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Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel.

Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel.

Family of Four Stay With Young Children

Fairmont Windsor Park is a 5-star English countryside hotel that opened in January 2022. It's not far from Windsor Castle, the iconic residence of Queen Elizabeth II, and also a reasonable distance from Heathrow Airport and central London.

We stayed at the hotel for two nights as a family of four (a toddler and a baby) and had a very relaxing experience. My husband and I love staying at luxury hotels and in this review, we will share with you the criteria we normally review our experiences by.

We hope you enjoy our Fairmont Windsor Park hotel review and that it helps make your future stay more enjoyable. For any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Fairmont King room (with balcony). Not all king rooms have a balcony. We got it as a request for a good view.

Fairmont King room (with balcony). Not all king rooms have a balcony. We got it as a request for a good view.

Fairmont King Room

We stayed in the most basic category - the Fairmont King room. Our only request, which was at the discretion of the hotel staff, was to have a lovely view, and they chose an incredible one for us.

Firstly the room was extremely comfortable and the bathtub was by far the highlight - large enough to fit two people (bath salts provided).

The balcony was lovely, with a Mediterranean vibe (glass and wooden panels). The only downturn is that it had a partial view over the trees and hotel green area and a partial view over the car park (though off to the far right, it took away a bit from the magic of the countryside view).

For being their most basic room, it was extremely spacious and comfortably fit a family of four with a pushchair and a cot (that the hotel provided) inside.

Everything was clean, with nice turndown service and complimentary bottles of still and sparkling water in the room (we always find this to be an added touch of comfort and luxury). They also had a coffee machine with pods, always a plus.

The bathroom (large enough to be a room) had two doors - one from the hallway and one entering by the side of the bed. It had a closed-in toilet, shower, the marvellously large bath and a generous sink area with a chair for makeup.

The room itself felt like everything was carefully placed for comfort, easily at your fingertips. A mirror, shoe and umbrella holder were right by the door, followed by two wardrobes and the bar area with coffee, more storage and mirrors. Then we entered the room itself with plenty of little areas of its own and the cosy bed as the centre stage.

The balcony was also very large and enjoyable, but in the English weather, we did not find it easy to enjoy. Our plans to have in-room dining and drinks on the balcony were quickly derailed by pouring rain.

The only downturn of the Fairmont King room for us was the bed design, seen pictured. The black poles seemed a bit heavy and out of place. Although the room decor was a tasteful combination of modern and vintage, we did find the wall and ceiling by the bed to be a bit heavy in design, but this is of course a matter of preference.

Overall it was one of the most beautiful, comfortable and luxurious rooms we've stayed in, definitely worth the 5-star rating.

The Hotel Venue

The hotel is very spacious. It has the vibe of a royal palace or a cruise ship. I'll elaborate.

You get that typical sense of a British royalty-inspired venue, with lush green gardens and very elegant architecture. It's not very tall and most of the hotel itself is spread horizontally. We actually loved taking long walks inside the hotel (as it rained a lot whilst we were there) and we also enjoyed the outside for hours and hours.

They have beehives and endless little parts to their green spaces, from ponds with waterfalls, a wedding-style chapel outside and statues of running horses at the front of the hotel, also visible from most of the front-facing corridors.

Inside it also had that cruise ship feel because of how you would easily go through different sections of the hotel, with endless choices. Every area had its own magic and felt like there were so many parts of the hotel you could enjoy. As we walked there were candy shops, the lobby with a large arch and then again into different lounge areas, bars, restaurants and sitting areas outside. Inside, everything navigated through modern corridors that truly felt like the work of an artist, and had very unique pieces of art on the wall including a Swarovski horse.

The green space was probably the highlight, which is so therapeutic to the mind if you are looking to be in a place where you can detox.

The spa was also very good, we'll talk more about it in the spa section.

Fairmont Spa and Wellness.

Fairmont Spa and Wellness.

Fairmont Spa and Wellness

The spa and swimming pool at the Fairmont Windsor Park were one to remember. Here are some highlights:

  • very clean
  • the decor was refreshing and luxurious
  • the swimming pool was warm and large and just a delight to be in
  • the jacuzzi was nice and bigger than usual
  • the warm heated beds by the pool were so stylish and inviting
  • the sitting areas with little cabanas had that extra touch of comfort and 5-star luxury
  • the experience showers were some of the best we've ever seen, engaging enough to entertain even a toddler
  • everything seemed to have been designed with comfort in mind

Food and Drinks

The food was very good. It's very fairly priced for a 5-star hotel, very good quality and served well.

The breakfast had so many choices and unique a la carte options. The only downturn I'd say for a 5-star hotel is that the breakfast restaurant didn't serve coffee from a pump coffee machine, but one of those automatic ones that you press a button on and it makes you a latte or a mocha or a hot chocolate.

As we are coffee lovers that made a difference in our breakfast experience, but nevertheless, it was very delicious and as a bonus, children ate free in the restaurant in the morning.

Customer Service

We felt very looked after. It was a very lovely and relaxing experience in the hands of the staff from booking to check out.

Overall Experience

This rating for us refers to the overall feel of the hotel and experience. We think the Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel is truly a 5/5 star experience.

I would say the food was delicious but not spectacular, so maybe that gets a lower 5-star. However, it was served well and the choice was great, so it's not a criticism. It was also surprisingly well priced for a 5-star hotel which is always good.


There wasn't a lot of entertainment, but for the nature of holiday we wanted, it was all we needed. The lush gardens, the spacious hotel venue and the spa and swimming pool provided all the relaxation and entertainment we needed.

Is It Family Friendly?

Yes, definitely a family-friendly hotel, in many ways one of the most family-friendly 5-star hotels we've been to.

Let's start with the room we booked, the Fairmont King Room, which is their lowest category. The room fitted a family of four more comfortably then some family rooms we've stayed in.

At check in, they gave our little boys an activity pack and the hotel mascots, a hedgehog and a squirrel. The activity pack was custom made for the hotel which was so lovely and unique. There were children's amenities and more gifts in the room.

They even gave us slippers for the little ones which was the cutest thing ever and something I always looked forward to at a hotel but never experience since we've been travelling as a family.

The only downturns in terms of a family stay were that their playground was closed (due to a heavy storm just before our stay) and the kid's room they had in the hotel was closed too. Hopefully when you visit you'll have access to these facilities.

The other inconvenience, which is common in all hotels, were the strict swimming times for children, a one-hour slot in the morning and the same in the afternoon. We were lucky that during those times we were mostly alone in the swimming pool, which is probably carefully chosen by the hotel to allow children in at off-peak times, but having only those exact slots made our schedule a little harder to navigate.

They also had lots of little gestures like free breakfast for our little ones at the restaurant buffet and a proper cot (white metal, not the typical travel cots you find in most hotels that never look clean).

The space, comfort and feel of the entire hotel had an extra family-friendly touch.

Likelihood to Go Back to the Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel

If it wasn't for the British weather, this will probably be a 10/10 but because there are sunnier options in the world, we'd probably say a 7/10. It was definitely one of the best stays we've had in the UK and would absolutely love to go back one day to the Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel.

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