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11 Hotels Worth Visiting This Thanksgiving

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Top Hotel Restaurants for the Holidays

Attending special church services, watching football, cooking feasts for family, then convening around the dining table to express gratitude is what Thanksgiving is all about. Approximately 45 million turkeys are gobbled up every thanksgiving. But during the entire year, you probably have cooked enough, so why not leave the laborious thanksgiving kitchen duties to the professionals. We just walked through the top hotel restaurants around the world, and from the look of their holiday menus, we bet they offer so much more than just the celebrated bird.

This year, alongside the bird, if you’re craving braised brussels sprouts, seafood stew, or lamb chop. You can pull up a chair at any of these below-mentioned extravagant places; you won’t be disappointed. All have come up with numerous options to ensure you enjoy the holiday feasts like never before. This year, you’ll be thankful that you won’t have to spend hours cooking up these delicious meals.


1. Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole

You leave everything on the hotel staff, from outdoor adventures to in-house pleasantries, when headed to a five-star restaurant or a resort. This makes complete sense why Four Seasons Resorts and Residences Jackson Hole have made it to our list. From smoked salmon and lobster-corn bisque to pork shank and hickory-smoked prime rib, here everything is served at the 3,860-square-foot Cottonwood Ballroom. We bet Thanksgiving dinner would be taken care of so well at this resort’s holiday bonanza.


2. The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

A beautiful lake as your backdrop and mouthwatering thanksgiving meal on your plate, what else could you ask for? The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe promises you exactly that. This newly expanded resort promises a thanksgiving evening that you won’t soon forget. Seasonal buffets and themed dishes at the onsite bistro are sure to delight your taste buds.


3. Woodstock Inn & Resort

What if you get to witness a whiff of the apple-cider braised chicken and apple cinnamon pie coming from the kitchen on thanksgiving? You can experience this, and things will surely fall in your favor at Woodstock Inn & Resort. You can officially turn into an autumnal wonderland with the Ottauquechee River and Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park in the distance. After finishing your meal, you can retreat to a cozy room designed to help you nurse your food coma.


4. Waldorf Astoria Chicago

If you feel like there’s no place like home to have a thanksgiving meal, then you must not have come across Waldorf Astoria Chicago. They promise to delight your taste buds with a roasted turkey with thyme and sage alongside crisp pork belly and king carb. Also, you’ll get to enjoy a chef-prepared dessert by ordering any of the available sweet courses from the menu. So, snag a seat, relax and let the professionals at the hotel handle the heavy holiday lifting.


5. Fashion Island Hotel

There’s more than to be thankful for at Fashion Island hotel. You can enjoy all that treasure during this season’s festive feast. This four-star hotel holds seasonal flavors and a decadent Thanksgiving meal. While you dine in here, you’ll be delighted with a turkey and stuffing as well as fun fall cuisine. From blue cheese to juicy Maine lobster in a tomato brown butter sauce, there are a lot more options you can revel in it all this celebratory day.


6. The Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner

Treat your taste buds to a special taste with a thanksgiving brunch at this four-star hotel called The Ritz Carlton. Bring your family and friends together around the table for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner with a creative culinary presentation. You can make your meal luxurious with wine pairings and brown sugar pumpkin bars. The evening is sure to delight you as it is accompanied by live music and fun activities to keep all family members entertained.


7. Old Mill Toronto, Canada

There’s a reason why Canadian thanksgiving 2021 witnessed a huge number of guests at Old Mill Toronto. No place promises you beautiful sights, entertainment venues, and delicious thanksgiving feast than this amazing hotel. Imagine yourself standing on a balcony and breathing in the fresh air with spectacular fall foliage views.

This historical boutique property is perfect for hitting for thanksgiving celebration alone, or with friends and family. For Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be served with Ontario turkey with savory stuffing, a pile of seafood specialties, decadent cakes, and a chocolate fountain accompanied with fruits to complete your thanksgiving celebration.


8. Conscious Hotel Waterpark, Amsterdam

Picturesque canals, cobblestone streets, and centuries-old gabled houses, Amsterdam has all the reasons why it's one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. And when talking about celebrating thanksgiving in Amsterdam, Conscious Hotel Waterpark tops the list. A cheery pink lobby welcomes you upon check-in, and its all-organic bar and restaurant Kantoor is the highlight. You can enjoy Thanksgiving turkey and apple pie from your bed or right from the table in the restaurant. They can arrange both for you.


9. The Raphael Hotel

Leave thanksgiving dinner to one of the world’s best restaurants; the Raphael hotel restaurant will sate every palate. Its long pile menu lets you choose from roasted turkey with sage and rosemary stuffing, grilled salmon, and Yukon potatoes with ossau iraty cheese. Afterward, take a walk and witness a beautiful lightning ceremony at Pennsylvania Avenue and Nicholas road. More than 200,000 bulbs flick onto illuminate the long plaza buildings.


10. Blantyre Lenox Massachusetts

This five-star escape is the perfect spot to enjoy thanksgiving with a family-style feast fit for royalty. Blantyre gives you an opportunity to dine on elevated classics, including butternut squash soup with spiced cream, brown sugar pumpkin bars with marshmallow meringue, and roasted Berkshire turkey with brioche and chestnut stuffing. For an extra luxurious meal, pair it with a wine or go for that second slice of bourbon pecan pie.


11. The Breakers Palm Beach

Put a new spin on your holiday celebrations with a thanksgiving stay at The Breakers Palm Beach. Unlimited fun, beautiful sights, and mouthwatering Thanksgiving menu, you can definitely revel in it all during a festive feast for this year. Its sumptuous menu features all thanksgiving favorites, including turkey, cranberry sauce, seaborne bounty, and an array of mouthwatering desserts ranging from traditional to tiramisu teacups. But one thing is for certain that all will leave you satisfyingly stuffed.

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