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Holiday Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5 Review

Looking for a comfortable hotel near London Heathrow airport, within reach of central London and Windsor? Check out this thorough review of Holiday Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5. Visit the hotel through the eyes of experienced hotel guests to find out how they rated the facilities and the service.


Prague Hotels: Ibis Prague Wenceslas Square Reviewed

Looking for a budget hotel in Prague? Read this review of Ibis Prague Wenceslas Square based on two separate one-night stays. Take a detailed look at three different rooms through the eyes of experienced travelers. Make the most of your stay. Read about nearby sights and a recommended eating place.


Prague Hotels: InterContinental Prague Reviewed

A detailed review of InterContinental Hotel Prague. Discover what it's like to stay in this 5-star hotel in the Czech capital. Get money-saving tips and find out how to make the most of your stay. Learn about interesting guests from the past. How to live the high life without spending the earth.


Prague Hotels: Hilton Prague Reviewed

Looking for a hotel in Prague? Read on to experience Hilton Prague through the eyes of a fellow traveler. This article has a real 'try before you buy' feel to it. Find out what it's like to stay there and how to make the most of your time, and get tips on how to get the best value for your money.


Holiday Inn Prague Airport Thoroughly Reviewed

After choosing a destination and booking flights, accommodation is next on the list to sort. Deciding where to stay is not always easy. This thorough review of Holiday Inn Prague Airport is aimed at helping you make the decision about whether this is the best place for you to stay.


How to Choose a Hostel

Choosing a hostel can make or break your backpacking adventure. Before heading to Hostel World and booking the cheapest hostel, there are some things you should know about choosing a hostel.


Japan's Best Capsule Hotels

A uniquely Japanese concept, capsule hotels have become yet another symbol of the unusual ingenuity associated with Japan. In this article, I round-up my favourite capsules for you to experience.