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Weekend Hobbyist

I'm just your average everday dude, that has alot of time on his hands when he's done doing everything he has to do. Basically, I am just like alot of people. i just want to experience everything that this world has to offer. There are two aspects of my life.

First is that I cannot stay still in one place if my life depended on it. I need ot move and move around alot. I'm blessed that my family has enough money to spend for us to travel most parts of the world. However I enjoy traveling in a different way. I make sure that I experience the culture in a whole different way. Lets just say I have put alot of things in my mouth, and tasted alot of different delicacies that you wouldn't begin to imagine. Always the adventurer I make sure that I get my money's worth in finding the best of the best experiences without breaking my back on paying for them.

The other aspect of my life is that I also enjoy doing odd-projects. Well not exactly odd but extra-ordinary. When I get a pet, I dont get a dog. I get a hedgehog or a python. Somewhat like that. I have had the occassional "What the hell was I thinking" moments in the process.

I started this blog to share to everyone exactly what I have learned just by living life and seeing it a whole different way.


-The Weekend Hobbyist