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Julia Rose

After spending most of my life, including my college life, in Florida, I decided I wanted a change of scenery. When a friend of mine mentioned that they got a job working in Japan, I jumped at the opportunity. I got a TEFL certification and applied for and got a teaching job in Fukuoka, Japan. But, I didn't have enough money to make the move, so I worked all kinds of overtime hours and side gigs to save enough to cover costs. It worked, but it meant money was a little bit tight. Living there was amazing, so I started documenting it for fun and ended up making this hubpages blog about writing travel tips and ways I saved money on my travels, since I could only afford to travel on a strict budget. I ended up creating my own travel blog on hubpages as wanderingteacher, and wrote about my trips to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Miyajima, Kawazu, Beppu, Yufuin, Kumamoto, Nagano, Kawaguchiko, Sapporo, and so much more.
On the way back from Japan, I visited several other places including South Korea, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, and Malta.

My wandering feet still weren’t willing to rest, and I went on my Birthright trip to Israel in Winter 2018-2019. It was an amazing experience. But I didn't stop there. When traveling halted because of Covid, I expanded to writing about remote work and online education resources. I hope you enjoy my articles and that they let you travel without moving your feet.