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Vicki Wood

I am a middle aged woman in Mid Missouri who had a talent and passion for writing before motherhood came to call in 1990. I was on track to a honors writing program at a local university when I became pregnant with our first child. Switching to a faster, more lucrative career in nursing, writing has taken a backseat to motherhood, career, husband's career, and now assisting with his business. I love to travel, cook, take care of our ever growing family, and help raise grandchildren. I love to photograph and write about the places I travel. I love to review restaurants even if its only on Yelp or Tripadvisor. I also have a small, budgeted passion for gaming at casinos.

The past year since I began on Hubpages, I have gained employment as a freelance writer for a few area news agencies, and it's been fun and wonderful. I have Hubpages to thank for tuning up my writing chops.