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Jack Baumann

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Originally from the Midwest U.S.A, I am passionate about traveling and cultural exchange.  After finishing up my masters degree at Cardiff University in the UK in Ancient History and Archaeology, I'm looking to broaden my horizons.  My last couple years abroad have really instilled in me a love of history, writing, and travel.  I've traveled a good deal around Europe, and after I feel I've conquered enough of that continent I plan to move on and tackle another one!

Traveling, learning, and cultural exchange are the things I'm most passionate about.  I love meeting new people and being exposed to new ways of thinking and living.  Understanding and knowledge are what this world lacks the most, and I believe sharing real experiences is the best way to open people up more to the world.  I hope these hubs will encourage people to travel and learn more about the world we all live in.  Enjoy!

In connection with my travel articles I have uploaded a number of videos on youtube highlighting various places around the world I've visited.  Check them out at: