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Welcome to the Entertainment Zone of the Hub Pages, and if you aren't careful then you might just learn a little something new while you are here!  My hubs are all about a variety of common off the wall topics that most of us are familiar with in this world. They are like a refreshing breath mint just for your eyes. All of these hubs are meant for your entertainment, and to help relieve you from all of the stress in day to day life. Please don't try to be over thinking the topics. The entire purpose here is to simply have a little fun, which is what TheHoleStory is all about anyway. Get ready and prepare yourself for some of the most ridiculously long lasting humorous stories that you'll ever read. So just sit on back, Enjoy, and remember don't poke the bear....................................................The idea for a hub can occur at anytime. Sometimes they occur as I'm driving down the road. Sometimes they pop into my head at work. When this happens I stop for a minute and write down my thoughts. As I'm writing, a co-worker will often ask - are you writing a book? I'll reply no I'm writing a hub, and you're in it! I have well over 500 co-workers, and let me tell you I get all kinds of reactions in return. Here's a brief history of each of my hubs - 1) It entered my mind.  2) It was made.  3) Here it is!  I do have just one little question for you before you continue on, What does toliet paper, popcorn, bald people, and the Mayan calendar all have in common? That's easy, there's a hub I written here on each of these topics!                                    ******************************************************************************************************************************** I'm almost 100% certain that I'm the only hubber on all of the hub pages who's from Parsons, West Virginia. I would also like to tell you all a little about Parsons, West Virginia. Most everyone has heard about the wonderful Whites, and the Hatfields of West Virginia. Both of these families were made famous in their own right and both have had movies made about them. I salute them, and there's nothing in the world quite like backwoods country life. However the counties where those families are from are at least four counties away from Parsons. If you've never been to Parsons then most likely you won't ever see this town. That's because Parson isn't on the way to anywhere. There are no roads through this town on the way to somewhere else. If you don't live there, or know someone to visit there, then you probably won't have any business there or will ever go there. That's why I'm the only hubber from this tiny corner of the world who will probably ever grace the hub pages, and I'm proud of this fact in life, which is more precious then any accolade that could ever be bestowed upon me.                               ******************************************************************************************************************************** On leap day - February 29th 2012, I'm truly honored to have reached that golden number of one thousand followers when Brent Miller joined this crazy group. On August 31st 2012, the night of the phenomenal "Blue Moon", TheHoleStory gang grew to two thousand strong when SRae joined this wacky crusade. Then partly in thanks to the massive Squidoo migration to the Hub Pages I hit the next big milestone. On November 17th 2014, just a week prior to Thanksgiving, monia saad joined this awesome, crazy, wacky group and became my magical 3,000th follower. With things slowing down some here at the Hub Pages I wanted to go ahead and thank my special 3,300th follower Marc Lee (AKA: bluesradio) who decided to get on for the ride here on October 12th 2015. A number like this only comes around once in a blue moon, so in the spirit of things really slowing down here at the Hub Pages I'd like to welcome Ahmed Ammar (AKA: Ahmedammaroo) who's now my special 3,333rd follower. Ahmed Ammar joined in on the fun here on November 25th 2015, which was the day just before Thanksgiving. On January 1st 2017, which was New Year's Day, Larry Slawson became my very special 3,500th follower here on the Hub Pages. I want to thank abbiz who was my very first follower, all the way up to all of the future followers of these crazy stories, and every single follower in between and here after for these wonderful milestones. I'll try my best to continue the tradition of the wild & wacky times with TheHoleStory in the future for all of you! The main objective here at TheHoleStory is for you just to have some fun. I'm almost certain that you'll find a hub here that will put a smile upon your face, so if the first one doesn't do the trick for you, then please feel free to click upon another one of my 100 and some hubs.