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Ted Zinzer

Welcome to my profile! I'm Ted, and I guess you could say I've traveled a bit. Born and raised in central Arizona, went to college in northern Indiana, then moved to Texas for a few years for my first big job, and currently living in Connecticut.

I love exploring, but I'm not an explorer. Engineer by trade, but my real passions are hiking and photography (with a lot of road trips for good measure). I travel as much as possible, aiming for unique day trips every weekend with one bigger adventure every month or two. It can be hard to balance this with a full time job, but that just makes the trips more rewarding.

My emphasis is generally on nature and wildlife experiences, I've always been an introverted person and big cities just seem stressful. More recently I have expanded into astrophotography, seeking out wilderness areas with minimal light pollution for breathtaking views of the night sky. Friends have consistently asked me to write about my trips, so I thought it would be harmless to try.

P.S. My mother was an incredible English teacher for close to 30 years. Please don't grade this too harshly, mom!