Chris Leather

I work from home as a web developer / travel webmaster / photographer / tea boy and when I get time off from work or the family I try and get out and take some photos or go surfing (or both).

I've surfed for nearly 25 years and have been to quite a few places although my fear of flying has somewhat limited me! I'm also afraid of sharks - ideal!

At the end of the 1990s I spent 4 years living and working in Portugal. Ironically, given my love of photography and exploring now, I took hardly any photographs and never went more than a few miles inland. I did go back in 2006 on a Grand Tour and try and make up for this. A lot of my interest in Portugal now goes into one of my websites, Travel in Portugal, where many of my photos and experiences now reside.

Over the years I have acrewed a fair few qualification professional and academic and enjoy the opportunity to apply some of them here.
I'm currently on my third degree (see below) having previously studied Psychology and Computing/IT.

Since I starting writing hubs I have decided on a career change. I'm now doing a biology / chemistry degree with the Open University and have just applied for dental school. Will let you know how I get on....

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