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Steven Gray

My name is Steven Gray.  I am a freelance photographer and writer.

I received my education at the University of West Florida, earning my bachelors degree in Communication Arts, with a focus on film and telecommunications and a minor in history.  As a writer, my primary subjects are the arts and culture.  I am also passionate about nutrition, and I write often about health and its relationship to culture and environment.

I serve every year as a missionary to the nation of India.  I am currently preparing to make a six-week ministry trip through the country.  I appreciate your prayers.

If enjoy the articles you read here and would like to help me fund my projects and cover the cost of web hosting, check out my print store and browse fine art prints from my travels around the world.  Once day-to-day expenses are covered, most of my income goes toward my mission trips to India.

Feel free to shoot me an email or stay in touch via social network.  Be blessed!

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