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Randy McLaughlin

Greetings from Costa Rica!

I am a part-time writer and web publisher living in Liberia, Costa Rica. I write about a number of things that interest me. On HubPages, I have written mostly about health topics and Costa Rica, but with my apprenticeship and post-apprenticeship phase, you may find me writing about almost anything.

My articles about Costa Rica provide a non-commercial insight into the country based on my experiences and the subjects that I photograph. Photography is one of my prime hobbies when I am out in the countryside. Being a professional plant pathologist and mycologist, some of my articles and many of my photos are of plants, flowers and fungi.

I like to cook. So I write an occasional article on the food of Costa Rica and some of my created dishes. I write about fiestas and some of the history of Costa Rica, especially of Guanacaste. To date, I have written pieces of interest to tourists regarding the regional weather patterns, the international airport of Liberia and who it is named after, Daniel Odobur Quirós, a past president of the country who owned the land. I have a blog called Guancaste Costa Rica - Mi Tierra where I discuss many aspects of this region.

I have written two articles that contain photos of Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, where I have gone to spend short vacations. I have also written articles on the Granada Islands, the colonial city of Granada and nearby Masaya.

My health articles are about improving one's well being and ability to go about one's daily activities with more energy. I also write aboutl health topics of general interest regarding longevity. My primary interest is in health exercises using the ancient methods of qigong from China. I have been a student of this art for about 12 years. My primary blog regarding this topic is Qigong Healing Arts.

Pura vida and Namaste !

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