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Mr Archer

I am an early 60's man who is married to his best friend. My wife is the light of my life, along with our 5 children whom I adore. I have reached a point where I would rather write than read, although I still read every day. I have always been a reader, from very early in my childhood. Walter Farley was the first author I read in depth, and as a 7 and 8 year old, I devoured "The Black Stallion" series. Robert E Howard introduced me to Conan, and a world undreamed of. From there, I have traveled many roads of literature.

A few of my favorite authors include Doug Preston and Lincoln Child; Clive Cussler; and James A Michener. These prolific writers have many works which I have enjoyed throughout the years. My favorite of all time, though, is Norman Maclean. His style of writing is one all writers should strive to involve in their works. He taught for many years at the university level, and only published after he retired from teaching. I look at his style as a distillation of many years of teaching and learning, and then putting forth a pure form of the written word into a masterpiece. While he only published one actual book, his assorted writings draw me as a moth is drawn to a flame. His interests were many and varied, and I find that my interests tend to fall in line with his: namely, family, history and fly fishing.

Preston and Child chose a title I supplied on their nationwide search to become the title of the final book in their Best Selling series they have termed "The Helen Trilogy". The first book, "Fever Dream", was a best seller; book two, "Cold Vengance" debuted at number one; and the third book "Two Graves" is my title and came out in December of 2012. To say I was excited is an understatement! Doug Preston sent me an autographed copy of "Two Graves", thanking me for the title. I also recently received an Author's Limited Edition of their work Gideon's Corpse as another thanks. It is leather bound and one of only ten produced in the world. It has stunning artwork on the cover and has been added to my prized collection which includes the autgraphed copy of Two Graves and a letter written to me from John Mclean, noted author and son of Norman Mclean of A River Runs Through It fame. In addition to these honors, Mr. Preston personally asked me to read and provide a review of his ebooks on the Amanda Knox case. Once I had completed it and placed it here on Hubpages I sent the link to him for his perusal. To my utter disbelief, he liked it so much he posted it onto his and co-author Lincoln Child's Facebook page for their followers to view!

I won my first award in October 2014 here on HubPages with my hub about Orson Welles. It was nominated for and then won an Editor's Choice award. I am very thankful for this award and to whoever nominated to the editors.

My taste is varied, and my works here will reflect that taste. I hope you enjoy them, and look forward to hearing from you on your thoughts. Please let me know if you like or dislike them: it will give me pause for consideration on my future works.