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Yvonne Spence

I write both fiction and non-fiction, hold an MA in Creative Writing and have taught Creative Writing to adults and children. My first novel, Drawings in Sand, and my short story collection, Looking For America, are available in the Amazon Kindle Store. Two of my short stories have won prizes in contests, and I was a BlogHer Voice of the Year for 2016. I have an I live in th UK with my husband and family.

Apart from writing, I have worked in fashion design and teaching as well as as a volunteer counsellor on a helpline for parents. I have taken courses in Non-Violent Communication, Mindfulness and The Sedona Method. The articles I most love to write are those that offer ways to enhance the quality of life.

I write on a variety of other topics, including: art activities healthy eating, parenting and travel. I have a passion for puffins, so you will find several articles here about those beautiful birds.

HubPages is a great place to write, and supports writers to increase their online writing skills. I feel honored to have graduated from the Apprenticeship program.

Ten of my hubs have been selected as Hub of the Day. Some of these are:

Fun Facts About Puffins For Kids.

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Hedgehog Cake - a Chocolate Cake Recipe

I've also won a couple of prizes here on HubPages. My hub: A Guide to the Perfect Family Vacation in the Pucon Area of Chile came third in the HubPages Know-it-All contest in March 2012. My hub: Nut Burgers with Shiitake Mushrooms: a Gluten Free Recipe won Best Healthy Recipe in the June 2012 Cookbook Contest.

Take a look around and see what interests you. Welcome to my world!