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Chris Kostov

Dear Reader, welcome to my hubpage!

My name is Chris Kostov. I am an Associate Professor of International Relations and history. I earned my PhD in History and Canadian Studies from the University of Ottawa, Canada, where I focused on modern European history and nation-building, Native studies and Canadian migration trends.

I am the author of three books: The Communist Century: From Revolution to Decay, 1917-2000. Explaining History, 2015. [e-book], Contested Ethnic Identity: The Case of Macedonian Canadians in Toronto, 1900-1996 (Peter Lang, 2010) and Terror and Fear: British and American Perceptions of the French-Indian Alliances during the Seven Years’ War (Publish America, 2005), as well as academic and encyclopedia articles and book reviews.

In my hubpages, I want to share with you my passion and knowledge about university education, online marketing, traveling and good food.