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I am a 26 year old who codes for a living. A software developer by profession, I spend most of my time writing stuff that makes life easier for my company's customers. One can usually find me sitting in my little room in the middle of a jungle. I don't like living in cities because of all the noise and pollution.

I strongly believe in writing hubs that are directly aimed, either at your heart or your mind. The topics I write are almost exclusively based on emotions or my research on the internet, or on my own travel experiences. I think the world is a very beautiful place and has tons of excitement to offer; people should not spend their entire lives living in a single place.

I would really like it if you were to leave your comments on my hubs, because they are the only feedback I can get.

Job Interests

I am really interested in freelance writing, and consider my hubs as a part of my portfolio. If you think I can write for you, that would be great. I am ready to take up ghost writing, or writing for blogs.

My favorite quotes

Love until it hurts, and soon you realize there is no pain, but only more love.

The depth of love is not known until the hour of separation.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.