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Galaxy Harvey

I am a mother of three, whose interests include travel, walking, photography, cooking, swimming, writing and watching my two cats, well they are a lot more interesting than most of the stuff on the telly.

My first novel, Coming Home, can be found on Amazon under my pen name J.R.Spencer. My second novel Slave To Desire is also available now.

I am a committed vegetarian but still crave the taste of meat, so I spend quite a lot of time trying to produce recipes that mimic the meals I used to enjoy - such as fish and chips. Many of my hubs are about vegetarian and vegan food.

I have a teenage daughter who is an 'on again - off again' vegan. When she is vegan I have had to get pretty creative with food to make it interesting and tasty. Cooking without eggs, honey or any dairy is hard, trust me. Check out my tried and tested recipes that taste good even to non-vegans.

Some, if not all, of the recipes, are pretty damn good, even if they don't happen to include any animal flesh. So why not check them out and give them a go, let me know if you do and what you think of them.