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John C Thomas

I'm a former broadcaster, urban planner, comedy writer, and journalist living in Chicago and downstate Illinois.

After working in radio at stations in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle, I studied journalism and urban planning and made a career shift into public relations.

During my radio career I did a lot of work in comedy; first as a contributor on the Howard Stern show (in Washington, DC, before he went to New York), then as a writer and producer for the legendary comedy and morning show team Lohman and Barkley (they have a star on Hollywood Boulevard). That experience led to several years as a co-host on morning radio shows in Chicago and Seattle. I was lucky enough to study Improv with the legendary Del Close in Chicago, and I did a little TV in Seattle.

Over the past 15 years I've been a spokesperson and communications director for a transportation planning agency and a small college, doing writing and internet projects on the side.

I have a lot of interests: architecture, music, sports, food, travel, politics, history, and transportation issues, mostly. But the old comedy bug never goes away, and it often finds a place in my writing.

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