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Doneta Wrate

I am a happily married Christian for 31 yeas. My husbands name is Lonnie. I have a Health Science BS from a Christian College. Our faith is a big part of how we live our life and involved in the decisions we make. I have been a Christian since my early teens. I make a point of taking time for Bible study and prayer every day.

My husband has an AA in Agriculture. He has been a life long avid organic farmer. He grew up working a big garden with his grand pa. Every year he had a huge garden. He read organic gardening magazine for decades until he knew so much he could write most the articles himself. I have been listening to him for over 30 years. He helps me with my gardening hubs but I am the writer.

Writing has also been a life long interest of mine. When I was younger, writing was my main hobby for 17 years as I tried to break into the paying free lance market. I joined writers groups and writers book clubs, had a library and also read the books. I found them interesting. A number of articles were printed in small magazines for free, but never made the paying market. After 17 years, writing slipped into the background for a while. But since finding Hubpages, I have decided to make it a bigger priority than it has been lately.

I enjoy talking about my faith, but I do not believe in arguing about religion. I think that is terribly un-Christlike. If I am sharing something I believe with someone, and he starts to get heated, I promptly change the subject. I will also listen to other persons thoughts as much as I will share what I believe. Christ cannot been seen between two people who are arguing. I attend an interdenominational group of only about ten people where we meet, read the Bible and share our differing ideas. Nice group of people. We agree to disagree. We share our differing religious ideas and don't get upset.