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Doc Snow

A musician and educator by trade, Doc Snow has a strong amateur interest in science, and particularly the science of global warming.

His hub articles detailing the history of this science seek to place this contentious topic in a deeper historical context, and he has written "enhanced" reviews of important books on climate science.

He has also "muddled through" many home renovation projects, and enjoys sharing his discoveries of how NOT to do it yourself. There are local "discoveries," too--parks, restaurants and other attractions or amenities in Doc Snow's area.

And how could he not write on his area of expertise--music? Practice technique and harmony are a couple of recurring themes--and now there's a new series teaching part-writing--an essential skill for those who wish to master Classical music theory.

Most recently, there is poetry and short fiction as well.

Doc Snow: Renaissance man, or hopeless dilettante? Only you can decide!