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David Stillwell


David is a freelance content writer. He produces content for a variety of clients across many topics. He is an amateur entomologist/cecidologist with a passion for plant galls. An entomologist studies insects. A cecidologist studies plant galls. He is keenly interested in geology, biology, chemistry, and ecology. He is an avid organic gardener and grows about 70% of what he consumes. He has supported himself or the last five years by writing content for other people.

Hobbies include: Photography, organic gardening, living well for cheap, Entomology, Greenism, tropical fish, corals, cats, plants, community building, politics investing, small business marketing and stirring up trouble!

David's writing is mostly of an ecological nature with an emphasis on traveling. David may produce articles about gardening or history. He loves to explore the world around him and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm about natural history and ecology with readers.