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Paul Darr

Ever daydream about exotic places around the world that you've never seen?  Have you ever seen a picture and thought, Why am I not there right now?  Welcome to our world, a world with endless destinations and wonderful cultures to explore.  The goal of this blog is to create a realm where we can explore the world together.  Fear not, you are not alone in this Adventure.  I will post insider tips on places to see and if you are a Foodie like me, more importantly places to indulge in culinary culture.  By sharing our experiences we can make even the furthest tucked away corners of this world feel more like home.  Finding a new destination to wander through could be as close as a roadtrip or as far as a long haul international flight.  Traveling doesn't have to be only for the Rich & Famous, this dream can become a reality with some help from our own experiences.  Bring your appetite and be ready for a taste of adventure.