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Life is too short to live a mundane and meaningless life. I thrive through traveling the world, exploring new places, and meeting new people. I currently live in Australia after spending the first 25 years of my life as a fellow Milwaukeean. But, with wanderlust pushing me forward and the call of adventure ringing in my ears, it was time to set off on my true passion. Where I'll end up next and what I'll be doing, who knows, but one thing for sure is that my adventurous spirit will take me to all the corners of this earth.

As a profession and a hobby, I write. By day, I'm a freelance writer, focusing most of my attention of articles, blogs, website content, and research in a variety of niches. By night (and all the other hours in between), I'm a novelist, working away, mercilessly, on my book. Anyone who knows what it's like to take on the task of writing a book knows it is both a challenging and rewarding task that will certainly test your wits and integrity.

Other than what I do, I am a second-hand shop extraordinaire, binge coffee drinker, kitten snuggling, kitchen wiz, beer aficionado, fun loving girl. What can I say, other than I do what I love and I love what I do!