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Cynthia B Turner

As I have found to be the case with many writers, I've been writing all my life in one form or another. Since the moment I could pick up those, fat juicy primary writing pencils, Mom encouraged me to write. Anything! I thought all Moms did that.

Now, after years of languishing on the shores, letting the water merely lap at my toes, I'm finally going for full imersion - up to my neck in it. Scary, but so satisfying to see that I can float!

I'll see where my writing takes me, since my interests are many and my reading is so eclectic and compulsive. I'll read just about anything (I was a cereal box reader).

I am concerned about health and wellness, a balanced life, and spirituality. I enjoy my family, photography and gardening.

Learning and writing are a passion. To be without books would be like living in a desert without water.

I worked in the nonprofit industry for over thirty years. The last hat I wore was as the Executive Director of a program for toddlers, preschoolers with special needs mainstreamed with typical children and as well as developmentally disabled adults. Most of my writing previous to Hubpages and freelancing has been grant writing, newsletter articles, flyers and press releases for the center I worked for.

I've taken numberous wrting classes, marketing workshops and I've been a member of a romance writer's creative writing group, alongside a number of published authors - a couple with tv movie rights.

Hubpages will give me the opportunity to read and learn from others and to write. including creative writing of poetry and fiction.

If you are also looking for a great writing platform, choose Hubpages. It pays to Join.

And think of me when your list of writing projects gets to be too much. I'd love to offer my writing services. Visit my website (my content) for my business, Feather Writers, to learn more about my grant writing or other professional writing services.

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Happy Reading!