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Claudia Tello

I am an artistically inspired biochemist that loves to write in a non-straight-jacketed way about subjects I am passionate about. These may vary according to the period of life I am going through, but subjects that are here to stay are definitely Food, Health, Travel and Photography.

I am a true adventurer at heart and I love to go around the world visiting new places and getting to know their people, culture, cuisine and natural wealth. If you are particularly interested in my Travel articles you can also visit my blog

Food is my number one daily pleasure and I love to experiment and be creative with it. For me, cooking is the most fulfilling artistic expression: I love the fact that you don´t really need to learn anything before getting your hands on the resources of nature to compose a unique, temporary but memorable piece of art or "Dish" that may represent many things and can be enjoyed through all the senses. In this case, I hub about delicious recipes I've encountered during my travels or continuous search for new culinary stuff, as well as recipes I have created myself. I hope I can inspire you to engage in cooking with me.