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Steve Weatherhead

Hi, I have lived in a cave house in a very interesting part of Andalucia (Andalusia) Spain, called the Altiplano de Granada, for a number of years. I like it here and not just because the weather is generally pleasant, the cost of living reasonably cheap and the landscapes are varied and striking. There are any number of lovely cities, historic sites of great antiquity, churches, castles, national parks, mountains, lakes, coastal resorts and miles of beaches all within half a day's drive on excellent roads.

I first moved to Spain over twenty years ago from London, England and settled on the Costa Blanca in a beautiful house with no mains electricity or water set amongst thousands of square metres of almond terraces. My partner and I set up an alternative health practice complete with flotation tank, but soon realised that we had to find work in other areas as well in order to eat! I have worked as a gardener, pool cleaner, construction worker, driver and market trader.