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Hello, and thanks for checking out my profile. I'm from the UK and spent nearly four years in Japan until 2011. I've had a long list of unrelated jobs (including TV comedy writer, philosophy and politics teacher, videogames journalist and marketing officer) and now I'm a language instructor and amateur blogmeister.

My interests are a little eclectic, so hopefully you'll forgive my digressions into subjects as diverse as traveling and living in Japan, home improvement (especially tiling which is - honestly - very interesting), etiquette, politics, sports and society, and whatever else I happen to be in the mood to research and ponder.

This is my favorite hub - some hopefully funny observations about living in Japan.

I've also recently written this article on the subject of Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

I have an MSc in International Politics and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, which are of course standard qualifications in the tiling trade...

Please message me and let me know about your hubbage.