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Bob Black

Hi, I'm Bob. I'm 80, retired in 1997, amateur web designer (self-taught), living in East Midlands, UK, played squash regularly until I moved here from Hampshire in 2015. Started several blogs to fulfil a need to write, and dabbled with Facebook and Twitter. Then in September 2011 I discovered Squidoo and started building lenses (articles). Suddenly I really felt part of a community! Wow! Got my first Lens of the Day on 18th November 2011 and, in December, made it to the Top 100 Lenses of 2011. Thanks to all who voted for me and everyone's kind comments!

When in September 2014, Squidoo closed down, I joined Hubpages and transferred all my Squidoo "lenses" to Hubpages articles, which I am gradually bringing up to date!

Believe it or not, I've been in 'computers' since 1967. That's before some of you were even born! I first worked on an NCR-500, which occupied a room as big as my house and had about as much computing power as my watch. Now I scratch around on the Internet earning a few pounds here and there to supplement my pension and keep myself occupied.