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Lillian Medeiros

Lillian Medeiros has won awards for both customer service and going above and beyond her job description. She was described as tenacious by her fellow board members when she was on the board of Huntington Open Women’s Land for her ability to overcome obstacles and get things done. She has worked for the environment participating in Green up Vermont, Earth Day, and canvassing for VPIRG. She was a group photographer for many years in the Vermont School System and has traveled throughout the state extensively for 30 years. She underwent training and worked for the Vermont Visiting Nurses Associations (VNA) Care Connection program for several years providing in-home health care, companionship, and transportation for the elderly. She has produced and directed her own documentary film as well as produced and directed her own television show on public access. She temporarily directed a Public Education Government (PEG) Access Station. She has many technical skills including; photography, video, photo, and video editing, web designing and developing, word processing, statistical design, and analysis, medical research, and developing recipes and home health care products.