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Ashley Louk

I'm a mother of one, a wife, a business analysist, a yoga instructor, freelance writer, and lover of all things magical. Crystal enthusiast. I'm in the process of writing a novel that will soon become a trilogy. I sage my home weekly, and burn palo santo and insence daily. A makeup lover, yet a hippie at heart. I am also quite a dynamic figure, often seen breaking glass with my bare hands and crushing rocks with my bare feet. I have been known to completely remodel homes on my lunch breaks, making them more efficient for the homeless who like to squat in them. I'm a lover of all people. I enjoy riding unicorns, but my truly favorite thing to do is ride on the backs of dragons. I mean, they breathe fire, and well - that's awesome. I also write award-winning Broadway plays, I'm fantastic at managing time, and can also manage more than one task at once. Occasionally, I go to the moon, just to visit. I'm just a normal person, ya know?