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Andrea Burton

I'm Andey, and I love to tell stories.

In my earliest memories, I am writing. In the years since then, my writing style has managed to improve significantly. This is a good thing. Reading the written works of my childhood always renders me impossibly embarrassed, and I'm sure you would be overcome with pity just the same.

If I am not traveling, I am probably planning my next adventure. If I am not writing, I am most likely reading a new book. If I am not doing anything of these things, I am most DEFINITELY watching television.

I have lived in dozens of places across the United States (Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Grantsburg, to name a few-you haven't heard of Grantsburg? You should definitely look it up) and South America. About a year ago, during an expedition searching for the elusive Sasquatch, I visited Portland, Oregon, and never left. I now call this urban landscape nestled in kelly green forests home.

I write about anything that makes my heart skip a beat or my brain do a double-take. I am always learning, and I hope I inspire my readers to do the same.

Find me on the World Wide Web (Andey Writes). Or don't. Either way, I am impressed you got this far. I think we could be friends.