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Rachel James

Rachel is a wife, mom, nurse practitioner, and Christian, who loves traveling, medical missions, baking, and teaching children. She works from home as a nurse practitioner, while chasing a very active toddler and staying involved in her church, alongside of her supportive husband. After going through several years of complicated health issues, she overcame that and enjoys the life God has given her! She met her husband of 3 years on a medical missions trip and they now have a miracle little girl. Although being a toddler mom is a full-time job, Rachel enjoys her work as a nurse practitioner, taking call from home. She also enjoys helping other ladies navigate the uncertain new mom years, particularly when it comes to traveling with small children. Her daughter, Abigail, has been to several countries and has flown many, many times. And most of all, she enjoys sharing her story of how Christ not only changed her eternity, but how He has been with her through every step of life, even the most challenging!