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I'm an aspiring writer with a strong interest in history, fantasy and science fiction. I love traveling, and lived in Japan for about three years. My hobbies include reading, martial arts, video games, drawing and playing the piano. I consider myself a geek, but I think that comes naturally from an introvert who lives in her imagination! I'm here to push myself to write more and improve my writing ability, as well as explore my other hobbies through writing.

A lot of the things that I write about have to do with my experience in Japan and my observations of the culture, language and history. Another hot topic for me is all things geeky. Video games have been a lifelong passion for me, and I'm especially partial to RPGs and action-adventure type games. This kind of melts into my love of books, where I read about anything but my genre of choice is always fantasy and science fiction. The last big category of my writing is social issues, especially gender and LGBT issues.